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Tired of having to deal with the police after a night out?

Maybe safety is your main concern…

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By completing and submitting below indemnity form, you agree and accept the terms and conditions hereby laid out by Have A Safe Trip. 

NOTE: Only bookings with completed Indemnity agreement will be accepted.

  • Safe Trip undertakes to endeavor to take reasonable care in providing the Service.
  • The Customer expressly acknowledges that the Service is inherently risky and accordingly agrees to indemnify Safe Trip from being held responsible or liable for any material damage, directly or indirectly, consequential or otherwise arising from the Service that the Customer may suffer.
  • The Customer hereby irrevocably indemnifies Safe Trip, its directors, and/or its employees against any claim for material damages which may be instituted against any one or more of them by the Customer, his estate or successors in title arising out of or in connection with any negligent conduct of Safe Trip, its directors or employees.
  • The Customer expressly acknowledges that the Service rendered by Safe Trip will be for the use of the Customer only.
  • Safe Trip does not warrant the Service to the Customer in case of unforeseen eventualities.

The Customer warrants that the appropriate insurance cover is in place in respect of the Customer’s motor vehicle and that it extends to alternate drivers and alternate drivers under the age of 25 driving the Customer’s motor vehicle so as to include any Safe Trip’s representative providing the Service.

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Have a Safe Trip is a proud service provider for AA Designated Driver

Tired of having to deal with the police after a night out? Maybe safety is your main concern for you or your children…


To book manuallyDownload Here Corporate Indemnity Service Agreement pdf and Corporate Contract Agreement.pdf for daily shuttles, complete and sign thereafter upload the completed document below.


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