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The company that drives you and your family safely. We all know how dangerous our roads are these days, whether it is people climbing behind the wheel after they have been drinking or just the people that blatantly ignore the rules of the road putting other peoples lives at risk. That’s where we come in. We are a company that believes that the rules of the road are there to save lives and should be adhered to. Whether you are out having a good time drinking and would like to get home safely OR if you are needing to have your children transported to and from school safely…WE DRIVE YOU SAFELY!!

About Us

Have A Safe Trip (Pty) Ltd was started in March 2013 and has been founded on the old school standards of punctuality, reliability and dependability. Our drivers are professional at all times and we have a proud record of being prompt with all of the collections that we do as we believe that our clients depend on us for their safety and if they are not able to depend on us…then who can they depend on. We take this responsibility very seriously and we believe that Have A Safe Trip is not a driving company but instead a life saving company!!

We have a range of services such as the ‘drive me home’ or ‘designated driver’ service which is available for individuals, corporates, events or weddings, ‘Kiddie transport’ or ‘Scholar transport’ allowing your children to get to and from school safely so that they might receive the most important gift that a parent may give which is their education. We also offer ‘Group shuttles’ for bachelor or bachelorette parties, sporting events, music concerts etc where you have a group of people ranging from 6 people and up.

Our Staff

All of our staff go through a rigorous employment process where they are criminally checked and vetted through an in depth interview process. Before they are allowed to start their first shift, they need to re write their learners exam as well as going out on the road for driver training in order to make sure that they are not only capable of driving but also able to comply with all of the rules of the road. We also implement our own level of standards regarding driving etiquette and professionalism.

Owner Managed

Have A Safe Trip is owner managed and operated by Chet Goldsman. He is constantly hands on with everything to ensure that the standards and morals that he was raised with are carried through to his clients. We trust that all of this meets with your approval when looking for a Designated Driver or Kiddie Transport service and we look forward to making sure that you and your family are able to Have A Safe Trip!

Tired of having to deal with the police after a night out?

Maybe safety is your main concern…

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Have a Safe Trip is a proud service provider for AA Designated Driver

Tired of having to deal with the police after a night out? Maybe safety is your main concern for you or your children…

To book manually Download Here Individual Service Agreement  pdf. and Indemnity Agreement pdf for daily shuttles, complete and sign thereafter upload the completed document below.


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